Two tips for people who have booked furniture removalists for their house moves

Are you in the midst of the removals process and want some tips to help? Learn more about how to make the moving process go smoothly.

Two tips for people who have booked furniture removalists for their house moves

Two tips for people who have booked furniture removalists for their house moves

22 March 2023
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Here are two tips for people who have booked furniture removalists for their house moves.

They should clean but not polish their furniture

It's a good idea for anyone who is moving to give their furniture a good clean before it's collected by the furniture removalists. This will make the furniture removal work pleasant for the removalists (by ensuring that they don't, for example, have to carry a dining table that's covered in sticky food stains). It will also mean that the furniture won't transfer any dust or dirt to the person's new home when it's put inside it by the removalists.

However, it's important for people in this situation not to polish their furniture's wooden components. Furniture polish usually contains either oils or silicones, both of which can make the surfaces they're applied to very slippery. As such, if a person puts this product on their wooden furniture, they might inadvertently make the furniture removalists' job harder, as the furniture's slipperiness could make it difficult for these professionals to hold and avoid dropping it. Furthermore, doing this might mean that the removalists won't be able to position any polished furniture beside upholstered furniture in their van, as this could result in polish transferring to the latter and staining it.

They should not overload the drawers of their storage furniture

It's common for those who need to get furniture moved to fill the empty spaces within their storage furniture with either smaller pieces of furniture or other household items. Most furniture removal companies won't object to their clients doing this. However, if a person does this, they should ensure that they don't overload their storage furniture with heavy items it's not designed to hold.

For example, it might not be advisable to put their dumbells in a chest of drawers. If a person does something like this, the furniture removalists might struggle to pick up and move the furniture. They may even need to involve more members of their team to carry the heavier-than-expected item, and might also take longer to get this furniture into their vehicle. Additionally, there's a chance that the base of the drawers or interior shelves inside the furniture item could collapse under the extra weight of these objects. If this happens, the owner of these items might have to get the furniture repaired or have to replace it. This might then mean that they would have to manage without this furniture for a while after they move.

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