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How to Move Your Home Using Portable on-Demand Storage Containers (PODS)

20 April 2021
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If you intend to move your home, you have probably considered using portable on-demand storage (PODS) containers. These containers can significantly reduce the removal costs and allow more flexibility as you move your home. Below is an excerpt discussing how to use PODS to move your home.  A mistake made by most people is choosing the wrong container. As a rule, your needs should determine the size of the container that you need.
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Two Steps to Take in Preparation for a Furniture Removalist’s Arrival

5 February 2021
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Here are two steps you should take in preparation for a furniture removalist's arrival. Remove any carpets you're going to take with you If there is carpeting in the property that you're planning to take with you, you should remove it, roll it up and put it out of the way in time for the furniture removalist's arrival. If you have any furniture items that are on castors (like chairs or sofas), the furniture removalist might decide to roll them out the door and into their truck, instead of carrying them (particularly if they're heavy), as this will be quicker and safer.
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