How to Move Your Home Using Portable on-Demand Storage Containers (PODS)

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How to Move Your Home Using Portable on-Demand Storage Containers (PODS)

How to Move Your Home Using Portable on-Demand Storage Containers (PODS)

20 April 2021
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If you intend to move your home, you have probably considered using portable on-demand storage (PODS) containers. These containers can significantly reduce the removal costs and allow more flexibility as you move your home. Below is an excerpt discussing how to use PODS to move your home. 

A mistake made by most people is choosing the wrong container. As a rule, your needs should determine the size of the container that you need. Ask yourself whether you want to move all or some of your items using the container. For instance, if you need long term storage in your new premises, you could need a small container since a large container could be expensive. On the other hand, large containers are ideal for people who want to pack and unpack their items. For long term storage, you should consider containers with climate-controlled systems and lighting. 

Contact your removalist and ask them to customise the packaging so it's easier to use your PODS container. Since you are decided on the container size and features, the removalist will want to know how long you need the container. Additionally, they will inquire about the removal services that you require. Some clients will only need the removalist to ship the container to their home and new premises. However, your situation could compel you to ask for additional services such as: 

  • You could ask the removalist to rent you removals equipment such as dollies and trollies to ease the loading and offloading of items.
  • If you have bulky items, you could ask the removalist to deploy some of his or her employees to help out with packing, loading and offloading.
  • You could opt to hire cartons from the removalist. It a cost-effective option compared to buying new boxes.
  • If you are moving to an expansive home, ask the removalist to clean your new premises. 

Ask the removalist about their terms of service. In most cases, the professional will inquire about where to place the PODS container. Typically, it should be placed on a platform to prevent damages caused by soil contact. Additionally, the area should not have any barriers that could prevent the lowering, placement and picking of the container. Customers are required to ensure the security of the container. Therefore, you will incur penalties if the container is damaged or stolen while on your premises. Remember to check the removalist's pricing and cancellation policy before renting the container. 

You should now have an easy time using PODS containers to move your home. Determine an appropriate container size, consult with a removalist and check the terms of hire. 

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