Top 3 Things That Affect the Cost of a Piano Removal Job

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Top 3 Things That Affect the Cost of a Piano Removal Job

Top 3 Things That Affect the Cost of a Piano Removal Job

30 October 2019
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Pianos are one of those things that are just too large, heavy and delicate to transport together with other household items when you are moving house. This is why it is important that you look for a dedicated piano removal service to move your piano to your new property.

The cost of piano removal service varies by job and by company, and here are some key factors that influence the total amount you will be required to pay.

The Size and Type of Piano You Own

Pianos come in different sizes and types, and the size and type of piano to be moved will impact the cost of its removal.

The larger the size of your piano, the heavier it is and the harder it will be to move it safely. Plus, larger pianos will require a bigger vehicle to transport them properly. As a result, larger pianos cost more to transport to a new location than smaller ones.

The type of piano you own also affects the cost of relocating it. If your piano is a concert grand that has belonged to your family for many generations, expect to pay more for its transportation than a small petite grand that you acquired to hone your children's piano skills.

The Distance Involved

As with all other types of removals, the distance to be covered when moving your piano to its new location also matters. The greater the distance to be travelled, the more costly your piano removal job will cost, and vice versa.

The Placement of the Piano

Where is your piano placed? Is it placed upstairs or downstairs? The placement room of your piano will affect the cost of relocating it. This is because the placement of the piano will affect access to the piano. A piano that is located on a ground level is easier to move than one that is located upstairs, because there is no need to carry the ground-level piano down the stairs.  

Other factors, such as the size of the doorways, can also impact the ease with which a piano can be moved into or out of a room. Such factors will also impact the cost of piano removal.

If you are like many other piano owners, you want to ensure your piano is moved safely and correctly at an affordable price. The best way to achieve this goal is to get and compare quotes from multiple piano removalists.

Contact a company that provides piano removalist services in your location today in order to learn more about this process.

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