Keeping Your Grandfather Clock Safe And Secure During A House Move

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Keeping Your Grandfather Clock Safe And Secure During A House Move

Keeping Your Grandfather Clock Safe And Secure During A House Move

28 November 2016
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Placing all your worldly possessions in the hands of removalists while you move house can be a nerve-wracking endeavour, but especially so when the removalists are tasked with transporting delicate and expensive items. Grandfather clocks, especially valuable and/or antique models, can be particularly difficult to move safely; however, with a few simple precautions, you can ensure that your valuable and substantial timepiece survives a house move none the worse for wear.


To ensure that the delicate internal mechanisms of your grandfather clock are not damaged during transit, they should be removed. Ideally, this should be done by a professional clocksmith, but if necessary, you can do this yourself. Wear a soft pair of gloves while removing the internal mechanism, and make sure to label the pieces for easy reassembly once your clock reaches its destination. Pay particular attention to the cogs, weights and pendulum, wrapping them in a suitably protective packing material (such as bubble wrap). You should also remove any shelving inside the main body of your clock, as well as any protruding decorations and ornamentation attached to the exterior (if these cannot be removed safely, be sure to pad them with foam and other protective materials).

Transporting your clock

Once delicate internal mechanisms have been removed, the clock itself can be prepared for transit. Ideally, you should wrap the entire body of the clock in a furniture blanket (many removalists will sell these to you), but thick blankets and duvets are an acceptable alternative.

Once this is done, you can have the clock loaded onto your chosen transportation vehicle. As you can imagine, simply tossing your clock in the back of a common van won't do, so ensure that the removals company you choose has the necessary equipment to move delicate furniture such as grandfather clocks. At the bare minimum, the removalists should come supplied with a covered vehicle equipped with internal padding, as well as suitable strapping to keep your clock upright during its journey -- failure to keep your clock upright can damage its internal movements and cause it to permanently lose accuracy as well as place undue pressure on glass panels.

You should also pay attention to the route your removalists will take when transporting your clock; roads with rough surfaces should be avoided, as should winding roads with many curves and bends that can place enormous strain on an upright clock. Work out your chosen route with the removalists in advance, and be prepared to pay for additional fuel costs if the safest route is not the shortest route.

Unloading your clock

Once your clock has reached its destination, it should be carefully reassembled, ideally in the spot which will become its new home. When it comes time to reassemble your clock, however, do not forget to level it -- a clock left off-balance can become very inaccurate. Clock levellers are generally found underneath the four corners of the base of your clock, and consist of adjustable screws which control how high each corner sits off the ground. Carefully adjust these levellers until the clock is level; use a spirit level, or have a clocksmith oversee the levelling process to ensure the best results.

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