How to Prevent Moisture Damage in Storage Units

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How to Prevent Moisture Damage in Storage Units

How to Prevent Moisture Damage in Storage Units

22 July 2016
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The presence of moisture in a storage unit is never a good thing as moisture can lead to mildew, rust, mould and wood rot, all of which can cause a lot of damage to your storage items. This can be particularly troublesome for items of sentimental value—such as photos and books—as well as household items like leather furniture, wooden items, and electronic appliances.Therefore, it's of utmost importance that you stay on top of your fight to keep moisture out of your unit, especially if you plan on keeping your items in storage for a long period of time. Read on for some ideas on how to keep your items damage free and looking good as new. 

Be careful how you store your items

You need to be very careful about how you pack your goods before you place them in storage, which means packing things in a way that will prevent moisture becoming a problem. Make sure that all your items are wrapped in blankets and then covered with a plastic sheet. Avoid packing your items in sealed plastic bags as they can trap humidity, which can cause mildew. Be sure never to place unwrapped items directly onto the floor of the unit if it's concrete as this can lead to condensation.

If you plan to store a freezer and refrigerator, be sure to defrost them fully first and leave the doors slightly ajar when in the unit to prevent moisture build-up becoming a problem.

Keep it cool

If the relative humidity in your storage unit is 60 percent or higher, there is a great chance of mould forming, as well as mildew, mites, and wood degradation. Therefore, it's important to keep an eye on your humidity levels. Consider installing a relative humidity gauge inside your unit to make this job easier.

Use charcoal

Charcoal is wonderful to use in your storage unit as it is able to absorb any moisture as well as any nasty odours. The best and least messy way to use charcoal is to buy charcoal briquettes. You can make little pockets for the briquettes and then hang them throughout the unit and let them do their job, To make, simply wrap the briquettes between two square pieces of any old fabric you have in the house, then sew the pockets shut. Never hang the pockets too close to any belonging that could be easily stained.

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