Follow These Tips When Moving Your Business

Are you in the midst of the removals process and want some tips to help? Learn more about how to make the moving process go smoothly.

Follow These Tips When Moving Your Business

Follow These Tips When Moving Your Business

8 March 2016
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While you may want to remain in your current location forever, there may come a time when you need to relocate your business. Whether you are moving to the other side of town or relocating out of state, the following tips can help.

Get Rid of Old Equipment and Furniture Beforehand

Start by downsizing what needs to be moved and getting rid of anything you no longer use. Your business may have a storage room where you are keeping old office chairs and computers that no longer work. There is no reason to hold onto these items "just in case." If you haven't used them or thought about them in a while, your business is probably in no dire need to have them. Get rid of them now by recycling, donating, or selling them. This will help you to reduce how many items you end up moving to the new location. Put the money you earn aside if you sell them, and save it for when you might need to purchase new furniture for the office.

Start Informing Customers and Clients Months in Advance

When you are relocating your business, your customers and clients need to know as soon as possible. While you shouldn't inform them in the beginning stages when all arrangements haven't been made, you should start letting them know when you have scheduled a date to move and signed a lease for the new location. By informing them early, they can better prepare for the change. Clients and vendors need your new address and contact information, and customers might need to look for another local business if you are moving far away.

Number Your Moving Boxes

If you are planning on packing up boxes yourself, it helps to number them. Otherwise, it can be difficult knowing what boxes need to be loaded into the office, and where. The moving company won't know where "Rebecca's Office" is, so using numbers is much easier. Give each employee, office, or area of the business a designated number. All boxes being packed for that area should have the number on the box. When you arrive at the new location, put a sticky note on the door of the office or cubicle with the number of which boxes need to go there.

Hire a Full-Service Moving Company

A better idea is to hire a full-service moving company to handle the office relocation for you. Professional movers and removalists not only move your belongings, but pack up boxes and disassemble furniture. When they arrive at the new location, you just need to let them know whose office is whose. Once they know that, they will reassemble furniture, put together electronic equipment that was taken apart, set things up, and unpack boxes for you.

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