Tips on How To Move Safely While Pregnant

Are you in the midst of the removals process and want some tips to help? Learn more about how to make the moving process go smoothly.

Tips on How To Move Safely While Pregnant

Tips on How To Move Safely While Pregnant

7 June 2022
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Pregnancy is a significant transition for most people. As the pregnancy progresses, you could realise the need to move to a larger space since your current home feels smaller as you purchase baby clothes and playing equipment. Nevertheless, you could be nervous about the move, given your condition. Below is an extract with some tips on how to execute a move when expectant.

Hire a Removalist 

You do not need to strain your body moving heavy furniture and electronics. Instead, hire a household removalist to conduct the bulk of the work. The rule is to ensure your removalist can safely move your items without breaking them. The best approach is to interview them to establish their expertise in the trade. For instance, ask how the removalist will protect your ceramics and glassware, how they will move your bulky furniture, and how they will protect fragile child equipment during the move.

Assess Your Future Needs

Given that your primary motivation to move is to enjoy a larger space, examining your future storage needs would be worthwhile. As your child grows, your new space will have a lot of clutter. You can avoid this by decluttering as you move. Most removalists will gladly help out with the decluttering process. Moreover, the professional can provide on-site and off-site storage to store electronics, furniture, and equipment you do not need in the foreseeable future. For instance, you could opt to put your bike or gym equipment in a storage unit since you might not need them urgently. 

Mind your Health 

It is usual to want to help put with the removal tasks. However, prioritise your health needs to avoid complications. For instance, you should not lift bulky items. If you want to pack some personal items before the moving date, ask the removalist to send one of their employees to help out with packing. The removalist might need to clean and disinfect the new premises before you move in. It would be wise to keep off strong smells that could trigger nausea. 

Plan your New Home

You might not have the energy to arrange your new home after moving. Therefore, provide the removalist with a sketch of the new house and how you would want it arranged. For instance, you might want baby stuff stored in a specific room and your pregnancy drugs stored in a particular cabinet. Once the removalist arranges your items, conduct a final inspection to ensure everything is as you envisioned. 

Pregnant people who wish to relocate should hire a removalist, assess their future needs, mind their health, and plan their new homes.  

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