Interstate Moving: A Couple of Tips to Hassle-Free Relocation

Are you in the midst of the removals process and want some tips to help? Learn more about how to make the moving process go smoothly.

Interstate Moving: A Couple of Tips to Hassle-Free Relocation

Interstate Moving: A Couple of Tips to Hassle-Free Relocation

15 March 2017
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The process of moving house can be quite stressful. Therefore, it should not be surprising that moving to an entirely different state can be an arduous and overwhelming experience. This is why many people engage the services of professional interstate removalists: to make this period less hard. However, just because you are hiring an interstate mover does not mean that you can just stand back and expect the process to be hassle-free there are a number of things that you should bear in mind to make the relocation both pocket-friendly as well as less emotionally draining. Below are just a couple of tips that could come in handy if you would like a hassle-free relocation.

Tip 1: Sort your belongings

One thing to note about interstate relocation is that the moving company may charge you based on the overall weight of your belongings. Therefore, it is always advisable for homeowners to pare down and decide what needs to be purged and what they will take along. This is especially crucial if you have older, bulky appliances, which would still require being replaced in a short time.

Before packing your belongings, you should establish what items you could do without. These can then be further separated into two categories such as which items can be sold for profit and which items would be better of being donated. Take note that any items that you do not use regularly such as furniture, seasonal items and more may be better off getting rid of before the move to decrease the bulk of your belongings.

Tip 2: Familiarise yourself with the delivery dates

One of the pros of a local move is that you can be assured you will have your belongings settled in your new home within the day. With interstate moves, this is not a guarantee. As such, moving companies will typically give you a time frame of several days in which you can expect your belongings to be delivered. Some homeowners do not consider this and assume that their items will arrive in the shortest time proposed to them. This can be quite disappointing.

Instead, if the moving company tells you to expect your belongings between a couple of days to a week, prepare yourself to receive your items at the end of stipulated duration. In the meantime, ensure that you have packed the items that you use on a regular basis in your own vehicle. In addition, consider making alternative arrangements for accommodation until your belongings have been delivered.

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