Five Tips for Storing Dog Accessories

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Five Tips for Storing Dog Accessories

Five Tips for Storing Dog Accessories

23 May 2016
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If you need to put your dog stuff in storage, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Whether you are putting some stuff in storage while you travel with your dog, storing it after the death of your dog or storing it for any other reason, you want your dog accessories to be in good condition when you return to the storage facility to pick them up. Here are some tips to help:

1. Declutter old and worn out toys.

Don't waste money storing things that you will never use again. Rather, throw out old chewed up or destroyed dog toys. Only store items that you plan to use again or items that you cannot bear to throw out because they have sentimental value.

2. Dehair fabric objects carefully before storing them.

When you open your storage unit, you want to be greeted by clean, useable doggy accessories. To help that happen, you should clean everything thoroughly before putting it into storage. In particular, if you have dog beds, clothing, blankets or other fabrics, remove the hair before storing them. Hair can leave oily residue on fabrics, but if you remove the hair, you don't have to worry about that.

3. Do not forget about crumbs.

Also, make sure that you wash or vacuum everything thoroughly to remove crumbs. If there are remnants of dog (or human) food on your stuff, mice and other pests may be attracted to it. Once on your stuff snacking, mice are much more likely to set up residence and start ripping up your stuff to make nests.

4. Store food very carefully.

If you have to store bags of dog food, you also want to make sure that they do not attract pests to your storage unit. To prevent that, close bags of food tightly, and place them in a airtight plastic storage bin. Also, check the best-by date on your pet food. If you plan to be storing your items for a long time and you believe the food will expire, donate it to another dog owner instead of storing it.

5. Clean and oil leather leashes and harnesses.

If you have leather leashes or dog harnesses, you should clean them thoroughly before putting them in storage. Remove any caked on dirt or debris with a stiff bristled brush, and then, clean the leather with a leather cleaner. This prevents the dirt from embedding into the leather whilst it is in storage. Then, add a conditioner product or oil. This creates a protective layer that prevents dust, oil or other elements from dirtying the leather.

For more tips about making sure your dog toys are safe, contact a local self storage company.


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