Do You Want to Move Your Furniture Safely? Important Tips to Consider

Are you in the midst of the removals process and want some tips to help? Learn more about how to make the moving process go smoothly.

Do You Want to Move Your Furniture Safely? Important Tips to Consider

Do You Want to Move Your Furniture Safely? Important Tips to Consider

24 February 2016
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Moving furniture and other home appliances proves to be a more demanding task than most people would think. You should worry about how your items are handled as much as the price paid to have your furniture moved. The reason is because if the removal is not done in the right manner, you will suffer more cost replacing or repairing your furniture. Below are some important tips to help you protect your furniture against damages and make the removals easier.

Dismantle Any Self-Assembly Furniture

Furniture is more prone to damage if you move it in its assembled state. You are more likely to scratch your items' furnish when you move them through small doors. The best option is to dismantle your furniture before the actual moving day. Care to put all the dismantled parts together to avoid the problem of missing parts during assembly. Make sure you also carefully store the screws because they can give you a hard time when trying to locate them in your new home or office.

Do Not Overlift Heavy Furniture

Overlifting furniture makes it prone to two things: you may accidentally lose your grip and smash your item on the floor or you may break it due to strain. You can avoid this by simply lifting your items at a considerable height. For tall items, it's advisable to carry them high and low (this is a two person job). Tip the item backward and have one person lift the bottom slightly while the other lifts the top.

Carefully Wrap Your Furniture before Moving

Proper wrapping furniture will ensure that your items are protected from scratches and easy breakage. You need to have the right skills and materials to make this happen. You can use easily accessible materials in your home such as old newspapers, blankets, cardboards, thick packing tape, and bubble wraps. If you don't have enough wrapping materials to cover all your furniture, prioritize on wrapping items that are huge and more likely to hit walls during movement. Cover the surfaces and edges with your selected material and hold it in place using your packing tape. Your furniture should be ready for removal after this process.

Ensure Your Safety by Clearing the Way

One of the dangers of any removal job is people tripping when carrying heavy objects. Ensure you clear the way by removing door-mats or any other trip hazard. Also do a thorough check to avoid slippery floors because you don't want people getting hurt or your furniture being dropped.
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