How a Self-Storage Unit Can Be Used By Businesses

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How a Self-Storage Unit Can Be Used By Businesses

How a Self-Storage Unit Can Be Used By Businesses

13 October 2015
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A self-storage unit is a good choice for anyone who is moving and needs to get some things out of the house while packing up and getting organized, or who may be staying with friends while a home or apartment is being prepared and who doesn't want to bring all their household goods with them. However, these spaces are also very good for businesses and can provide clean, secure areas that can be used for added storage no matter the type of industry. If you own or manage a business, note how a self-storage space can assist and how it can be used.


Some restaurants may use tablecloths and other special linens only for the dinner hour or for when hosting special events, and storing them onsite can mean less space for kitchen equipment that is used every day. A self-storage unit can be a good place to store these linens, tableware, special baking equipment, buffet tables, and other items that are used infrequently.

Apartment managers and real estate agents

A real estate agent may want to store items that are used to stage homes that are on the market; this might include fine furniture, artwork, and decorative items. An apartment manager may also have items that are used in a model that is shown to prospective tenants; if the model gets rented or those items get moved from one complex to another, they may need to be stored temporarily. If there is no secure shed on the property, a self-storage unit can also be a good place to store lawn care equipment and supplies, snow clearing supplies, an extra golf cart, and other such items.


If you're an independent contractor or are self-employed and work from home, a self-storage unit can assist in a variety of ways. You can keep dangerous tools out of the reach of your children and from cluttering up your garage or basement. You can securely store records, paperwork, and other such items that need to be under lock and key and away from anyone in your family who may find them.

Having self storage is also good for those who sell any type of product. Rather than storing prototypes, samples, and your inventory in your car or home where things might get damaged, you can securely store them in a self-storage unit. Many of these units are climate controlled so even supplements, food samples, and the like can be stored securely in such a location.

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