Furniture Removalists | 3 Smart Steps to Pack Your Glass Mirrors and Photo Frames

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Furniture Removalists | 3 Smart Steps to Pack Your Glass Mirrors and Photo Frames

Furniture Removalists | 3 Smart Steps to Pack Your Glass Mirrors and Photo Frames

22 July 2015
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No matter how many times you've done it before, moving homes is always stressful. While you can live with a little damage to the back of your wooden sofa leg, you would be a lot more upset if your mirror or beautiful photo frame acquires a visible crack or scratch. Before handing off your glass mirrors and photo frames to the furniture removalists, you'll want to do a bit of preparatory packing work to ensure they don't get damaged in the transport process. Follow these basic steps to properly pack your frames and mirrors.  

Gather Your Materials

For your mirror and photo frame packing project, you'll need to gather ample bubble wrap, cardboard packing boxes, packing peanuts, newspapers, packing tape and marking pens. Make sure you get cardboard boxes that are larger than your photo frames and mirrors because you will need to properly stuff them with newspaper and bubble wrap before shipping them off to your new home via the furniture removalists.

Settle the Frames and Mirrors in Bubble Wrap Individually

Place only one frame in bubble wrap at a time — you don't want to store them on top of each other, because their sharp edges could damage the other in transit. Be sure to wrap each mirror and photo frame individually with its own bubble wrap for the safest packing process. Make sure the glass side of the mirror or photo frame is faced below — this prevents the glass from getting damaged in case other items are stacked above it. Tape the bubble wrap to the frame with packing tape, so it doesn't come undone while moving. If you have enough bubble wrap, you may want to wrap it around every glass item twice to reinforce it.

Prepare the Boxes

Line the bottom of the cardboard boxes with some crumpled newspapers to soften the base of the box. This will keep your mirrors and photo frames safe even if the boxes move around while in transit. Place the wrapped mirrors and frames neatly into the box — with a layer of newspaper between each stacked item. You should allow enough room on all sides of the box to line them with more crumpled newspaper and packing peanuts to protect them from any possible damage. By getting a box that is larger than your glass items, you will be able to protect them more easily with newspaper and stuffing. This is particularly useful when heavy items are stacked over these boxes unknowingly. Seal the box robustly with packing tape and mark the box fragile.

Be sure to inform the furniture removalists about your delicate items, so they take extra care when transporting goods from one place to another.

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